New Brockton Senior Citizen Center

    Ok everyone, it's that time of the year again.  It's time to reach down in your heart and find that kindness that allows you to give to others.  I have 45 Senior Citizens this year at my center.  This includes my 13 homebound that can't get out of the house, ,most are bed bound.  I am asking the community to Give a $25.00 Walmart gift certificate (card) or you can donate and I will pick up the certificates (card) at Walmart for them.  
     The Christmas party is on Dec. 22nd.  I am trying to get a head start this year.  I need everything turned in by the 15th of December!!!  Instead of us trying to buy things for Christmas for them, this allows them to use the gift certificates for food or for purchasing things they need.
     I am also collecting non perishable food items for them again this year.  I try and give each senior a food box and a gift certificate for Christmas.  Thank the Lord with your donations we managed to do that last year and I am hopeful our kind loving community will step up to the challenge again this year.
     Some of my seniors live on less that 600 a month.  The center will be closed for 10 days during Christmas and those food items help them eat and survive while we are closed. You can drop donations off at the center, 894-2028 M-F 8-1PM,
     Food donations can be dropped off at the box in the foyer at city hall M-F 8-5 or at the VWF in Daleville. If you need me to pick them up please call me at 894-2028 or 806-5955!  If you are not doing anything on the 22nd of December I invite the public to come and watch our Christmas party!
     They expressed last year that it was the best party they had ever had and that is all due to the generosity of our community.  It gives your heart such a blessing to see them smile and know they will have food and the ability to purchase something for themselves or their grandkids for Christmas.
     Please donate to the New Brockton Senior Citizen's this Christmas.. Make a difference in our community!!   Make a difference in the life of a Senior Citizen!!  Please everyone Share this!!

Welcome to New Brockton

New Brockton is a warm, friendly community with culturally diverse roots that date back to the early 1800s. Southern heritage and hospitality, coupled with long-standing forward thinking local government leadership and community planning, makes New Brockton the ideal place to live, work, or visit.  Once you visit you will discover why it is "A Great Little Place To Call Home". 


The New Brockton Town Council welcomes Mark Dunning Industries, Inc. (MDI), as our new residential garbage collector.  We request you fill out the form that was mailed and return it to Town Hall as soon as possible to ensure the distribution of your new MDI 95 gallon roll cart.
Advanced Disposals last day for pick up will be September 29, 2015 and they will be collecting their cans at that time.  Beginning Friday, October 2, 2015, MDI will be collecting our garbage with the new can, so please have your MDI garbage can out beside the road Thursday evening, to ensure pick up on Friday morning.
We look forward to working with Mark Dunning Industries, Inc. and if you have any questions, please call Town Hall (334) 894-5283 or MDI at (800) 848-8493.