January - December 2021

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
New Brockton Water & Sewer Board

Welcome to New Brockton

New Brockton is a warm, friendly community with culturally diverse roots that date back to the early 1800s. Southern heritage and hospitality, coupled with long-standing forward thinking local government leadership and community planning, makes New Brockton the ideal place to live, work, or visit.  Once you visit you will discover why it is "A Great Little Place To Call Home". 

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Arrow Disposal Service, is experiencing a number of workers with Covid-19.  Substitute drivers and workers have been hired to help out during this outage and are new to this area.  Should your can not get emptied, they request that you call 1-866-440-3983 to report it.  Thank you.

2022-2023 Queens of New Brockton

Miss New Brockton  Taylor Williams
Little Miss New Brockton  Kyleigh Greenwell
Junior Miss New Brockton  Jacey Boland
Young Miss New Brockton  Olivia Eddins
Teen Miss New Brockton  Adalynne Adkinson
Petite Miss New Brockton  Josie Martin
Tiny Miss New Brockton  Adalynne Bryant
Future Little Miss New Brockton  Ada Donaldson
Toddler Miss New Brockton  Bayia Reeves
Baby Miss New Brockton  Emersyn Manning
Queens 2022

Garbage pick up

The guys on the truck will not pick up anything that is not in the can and everything must be bagged and tied shut. Due to the COVID-19 danger they will no longer be picking anything up with their hands. So please do not stack moving boxes, furniture or any other items next to your can because it will not get picked up, until further notice.  I realize, these are stressful times and Cabin fever abounds.  But please remember, the contract states,pick up in can only, and NOT overflowing and bulk pick up is only the first Monday of every month.  If you can’t shut the lid, perhaps you may need an additional can. Contact Town Hall for that info.  Bulk pick up, is suspended, until further notice, due to Covid 19.  Your corporation is requested during this time.
Thank you, Kathryn Holley, Mayor

Rebuild Alabama Gas Tax


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Projected use of
"Rebuild Alabama Gas Tax"

This is a projected goal and is subject to change.

Spring clean up has started.

Please remember:
Leaves, grass and pine straw must be bagged in biodegradable bags. Biodegradable bags may be purchased at Town Hall at .50 cents per bags.
Limbs cannot exceed 4" in diameter and 4' in length.  There are two pickups the first and third week of every month.
Additional pickups for limbs and leaves, will be $30.00, paid to the Town Clerk, prior to pick up.  Additional information, please call 334-894-5283.